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7 Insane Life & Money Lessons I Learned From Emily In Paris financial diet

In this episode, Chelsea dives into Emily In Paris — the Netflix show everyone is talking about — and the unrealistic expectations it sets when it comes to international moves, dating, and career choices in your twenties.

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7 Insane Life & Money Lessons I Learned From Emily In Paris

7 Insane Life & Money Lessons I Learned From Emily In Paris

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7 Insane Life & Money Lessons I Learned From Emily In Paris
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27 thoughts on “7 Insane Life & Money Lessons I Learned From Emily In Paris financial diet”

  1. This was a great video! I enjoy the show without trying to think about anything, like only fe how unrealistic her money situation is, but the second you start to think about it it starts bugging you 😅

  2. When I was in Paris I stayed at a hostel. The only thing I have to say in this forum is…Paris is beautiful at night and to make sure to book and do everything in advance because that place is crazy expensive.

  3. The biggest difference between Emily and Carrie is, the creators of the show smh were aware that Carrie is supposed to be highly flawed and unlikeable at times and to combat that we see the entire story from her perspective whereas Emily seems like the rom-com cliche she is supposed to be the likable young hard-working beautiful girl and it just doesn't come across like that. Like the entire show repeatedly talked about how the French cheat and Emily as an American doesn't believe in it meanwhile she was kissing her best friend's boyfriend the entire time.

  4. I honestly just discovered TFD, and love it. This isnt a dig at TFD, sorry if it looks that way. But I have to ask, why does everything have to be realistic and in context of 2020?or 2021 now. This is a reaction to society at large, not just this episode. Financial education is so important, and we need it from a young age, but why do we have to deal with depression, addiction, and all things suicidal in order to respect ourselves and others after watching tv ? Or not be blackballed from society? Damn, lighten up. This girl's life in no way resembles mine, but that's the appeal. I am single mother who can't afford to pay bills or buy my kids shoes – I don't need to watch a show about it. It's not quirky or fun and doesn't make for good entertainment. Her privileged life doesn't offend me. Why should it??? And I don't feel empowered or better about myself watching people struggle like me. Most of us live a hard enough life to know that the show is unrealistic. Why can't a tv show just be an escape and not another reason to be offended or educate the masses about their shallow and heinous existence? Supposedly we have the world of information at every turn, so obviously we know it's not realistic. And? escape for a while and enjoy daydreaming about clothes no one wears. And honestly, female tropes aside, most people are looking for someone. Not many people truly want to be alone. It consumes a large portion of most peoples' brains. That isn't something created by vapid tv show writers. Let it be fiction. No is implying that we should aspire to this. And if someone is, shouldn't we be smarter to know better? If you're taking your social and financial lessons from ANY tv show, you have greater problems – at the very least it means you are not present in the reality of your own life.
    Like I said, the financial realities of TFD are good, and it's fun to watch, but I wish the world would stop suggesting we need a utopian show. Life is hard – enjoy the escape and stop overthinking if. Cause once you turn off the tv, the bills you can't pay are still in the kitchen, and your tires still need rotated and you still can't afford it.

  5. There needs to be a version of Emily in Paris where the story is told from the French co-worker's side or even the lady who had to cancel the trip due to pregnancy.

  6. all your criticisms are definitely valid. but i enjoyed watching the show nevertheless. i enjoyed the outfits, the scenery (i’m aware they’re showing the clean and nice parts of paris) and the good looking actors. i mean, i try not to think about the reality when i’m watching a show.

  7. It's all the French stereotypes for me. As a Jamaican I am very accustomed to being stereotyped in every conceivable way, 'Irie Mon', and I have to think that this portrayal of French culture was inaccurate and simplistic at best.

  8. I actually have friends like mindy . Afew friends. There family are so controlling and their government so they left and they live very wealthy back home. My friend is Chinese and my other friend is Dominican.

  9. I somewhat disagree with you take on au-pairs. It's not uncommon for the children of upper middle class families to do a year as an au-pair where I'm from. I know several people with families for whom money was definitely not an issue who did an "au-pair" year right after graduating from school. Two of them even were Au-Pairs in Paris.

  10. Just going to mention Lily Collins suffered with an eating disorder in her youth. The digs at her weight aren’t really appropriate to this conversation.

  11. My younger sister loves the shows you mentioned, think it just fantasy into life goals. She is middle class and frugal, I don’t think she even notices the cost, just likes the pretty view…but thanks for your break down, I was curious about the show since she was a fan.

  12. Just finished binge watching the show and was struck by a few things 1) Emily is Queen of dressing inappropriately in the workplace 2) EVERY man is seemingly hitting on her 3) other than posting on her blog she doesn't really seem to do any real marketing related tasks for her job 4) Kate Walsh doesn't get nearly enough screen time

  13. Sex and the City ruined NYC, it brought in waves dopey mid west prom queen looking for hunks who work on Wall Street. People blame Giuliani but it was that stupid show. I often wish could go back in time and just enjoy the city pre 1994-95

  14. This show SUCKS so badly!
    I find it just awful that play it up as a strength that Emily knows NOTHING about France or French culture and she refuses to learn.

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