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Aid to Africa Debate: David Rieff 2/14-Intelligence Squared U.S. c squared financial

The motion: “Aid to Africa is doing more harm than good”

Moderator: Brian Lehrer
Speaking for the motion: George Ayittey, William Easterly and David Rieff
Speaking against the motion: C. Payne Lucas, John McArthur and Gayle Smith

IQ2US marks the launch of Oxford-style debating — one motion, one moderator, three advocates for the motion, three against — in New York City. Each evening begins at 6:00P with a complimentary cocktail period. As you enter the theater before the debate starts at 6:45P, you cast your vote for or against the evening’s motion. Those results are displayed midway through the debate as each side makes its statements. After all six panelists speak, the audience has a chance to ask the speakers questions and vote again. The debate finishes with brief summations from the panelists, the votes are tallied and a winning side is declared.

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Aid to Africa Debate: David Rieff 2/14-Intelligence Squared U.S.

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Aid to Africa Debate: David Rieff 2/14-Intelligence Squared U.S.
c squared financial
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20 thoughts on “Aid to Africa Debate: David Rieff 2/14-Intelligence Squared U.S. c squared financial”

  1. "the "Afri" were Semitic people…" if that is true, then Afri is a semetic language spoken by people in what was known as Carthage…hence the source of the name AFRICA …am I incorrect?
    "American blacks are indeed descended from "SUB-SAHARAN" Africa…" By "African in origin", I mean the beginning, starting-point, CAUSE, or ultimate source, from which a thing is derived or generated…hence "American blacks" exist beCAUSE they where brought from the continent of AFRICA…am I incorrect?

  2. Africans can redeem control over their land and resources by accumulating and ministering capital, organize industry catering to under-served [low -income i.e the global majority] markets by way of commercial enterprise in the form of :

    Social Enterprise –(Social Programs that are turn into businesses)
    Small and Medium Enterprise — (Businesses that use a franchise model)
    Co-operative Corporation — ( Integrates: credit unions, worker co-op and R&D)
    In this way Africans can be self-reliant.

  3. @oakmeal53
    I am judging you from what you write! My arguments are not off topic at all. The dollar has lost 95% of its value since 1913! Inflation is rampant in some major sectors of society ( Healthcare, education, even housing!). The military is over-extended in useless conflicts ( The japanese prime minister has just resigned because of the US military bases in their country). The US used to be the most respected country in the world, it is now the most hated! continuing!

  4. "i stay in my country crap"????? uh… haha ok. ignorant? my my you are an excellent judge of character based on youtube comments. please explain how its ignorant to love my safety and high standard of living? and how its ignorant that my goods are made in china? your arguments make no sence you are always off topic. cars and olympics now? come on. you suck at arguing!

  5. i couldnt be blinder eh? i live here bub and trust me were not going under. debt? of course every country has debt. our debt as a % of GDP is not uncommon in any of the developed countries. show me a country that has NOT had bank failures recently. I have been to war and its not "taking a toll" in fact military recruiting is up! never even heard of your "secessionist movements". your generalities sound great in your bigoted brain but they are invalid in real life.

  6. @oakmeal53
    come on, you couldn't be blinder! What is the Federal government total debt in 2010, 63 trillions, the trade deficit is humangous, banking sector is dying because of the too big too fail mentality in DC, the wars all over the world are taking their toll on people, there are even secessionist movements in the south on the rise ( again)! The country has problems, not to the scale of Many Africans country indeed, but if left unresolved, thing might get worser!

  7. @oakmeal53
    Yea really! I wish the Native Americans could have said the same thing to your ancestors a while back! So much for your " I stay in my country crap"! It is amazing how ignorant some people are! You wares are made in majority in China, you would rather drive a Japanese car or German, your labor force in Technological field are mainly asians,and you even have to cop out Keynians to win Olympic long distance runs! I happen to live in the US you know!

    well thats good to hear! thats the beauty of free will my friend. you stay in your apparently amazing african nations, and Ill stay here in the most powerful prosperous nation that has ever existed.

    unfortunatally for you pal it does not work that way. YOU must prove to ME that America is falling apart. Because im sitting here with my excellent standard of living with safety going to my higher-education school getting there via excellent infrastructure. you keep telling yourself our country is in ruins while i dine on steak tonight and our aircraft carriers patrol the seas in search of anyone foolish enough to mess with America. Im listening.

  10. @oakmeal53
    Tanzania is not a bad country to live in, so is Botswana, Ghana, Senegal, even Benin! Morroco is alright, so is Tunisia! I mean, you wouldn't want to encompass Haiti and Guatemala with the US and Canada! But they are all American Nations! Please, once again, learn to distinguish countries and cultures. Historically, Africans are connected but they are also very different and distinguishable when you " LEARN' about them!

  11. @oakmeal53
    AIDS is not spread everywhere in Africa! There is very little aids in Senegal, Mali, Ghana or Burkina but much more in SAF and Lesotho! You have to learn to distinguish each and every country for every African Nation has its own set of problems. The monolithic approach to Africa, or any other Nation is naive and pretty unintelligent. Stop being lazy!
    Yes, America is falling, from within! If that's a lie, dare to debunk it!

  12. @oakmeal53
    I don't know what you mean! Every people use its past as a spring, a foundation for its future. Americans are living better today than 200 years ago thanks to innovation and the rise of Human dignity, but as a Nation and government, the US is loosing its ground and respectability. Africa is not ONE nation but a set of different cultures and civilizations. Ghana is a better place than Congo or Mali, in as much as France is better than Slovenia and Roumania!

    thats a great speech brother. but maybe you forgot a few things. like….. oh i dont know…. corruption, running civil wars, AIDS/HIV epidemics, negative GDP growth, blatant racism, rape, flight of capital, ect ect ect ect. i DO hope africa gets on its feet. but its past is not the picture that you suggest it is. explain to me please again how great africa is?

  14. @jackburton2009
    America is falling, the dollar has lost 95% of its value since 1913 and the middle class in America is dwindling everyday! America couldn't lead the world for one century! That's pretty pathetic in comparison to the previous empires like ancient egypt that lasted for 3500 years, the romans, persians, arabs and even british!

  15. @oakmeal53
    Idiot! Africans have ruled themselves for 250,000 years! Who helped the Americans become a powerful Nation? Who helped the Japanese rise in the early 20th century and beyond? Who helped the Chinese become a leading economic power? Each Nation or people rises within itself and recognize the need to embrace the best method of economic sustainability. Limited government, free market and free trade offer the best alternative to that goal and WE Africans must embrace its record.

  16. They DID create a high civilization. Axum, Mali Empire, Nubia, etc. Everyone except white Americans KNOW that Africans have created high civilizations. It's a proven fact. The act of throwing your cap in the air during graduation was started at Sankore University.

    Just because Africans are in a time of turmoil doesn't mean anything. All ppl rise, fall, and rise again. Europe, in the 13th and 14th century, had thier time of turnoil, but they recovered. So too will Africa.

  17. "Giving aid is not gonna change the fact that theyre disfunctional as a people"

    What if you knew that they weren't disfunctional, but were very capable of establishing and sustaining a highly organized civilization? Many white Americans are severly uneducated about history outside of America.

    African history subjects to look up:

    1) Sankore
    2) Tomb of Askia
    3) Kaleb of Aksum
    4) Makeda
    5) Aksumite Empire
    6) Meroetic Script
    7) Great Zimbabwe ruins
    8) Dhar Tichitt ruins
    10) Mansa Musa

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