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Elite Dangerous – Botting, Cheats Plus Frontier's Financials a financial history of the world

There’s two subjects I want to take a brief look at today for Elite Dangerous; botting and Frontier’s latest financial report. Now, the botting issue is tangentiallyrelated to related to this weeks issue report. Meanwhile the latest financial report briefly touches on Odyssey.

The latest financial report can be found here:

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Botting Forum Thread

Frontier’s Statement

Epidemic Sound

#EliteDangerous .

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Elite Dangerous - Botting, Cheats Plus Frontier's Financials

Elite Dangerous – Botting, Cheats Plus Frontier's Financials

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Elite Dangerous – Botting, Cheats Plus Frontier's Financials
a financial history of the world
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47 thoughts on “Elite Dangerous – Botting, Cheats Plus Frontier's Financials a financial history of the world”

  1. The eeasiest fix to bots:

    Make Solo servers be basically where you learn the game like it should be… You can still do anything and everything… except turn off all reputation gains, and also at most 10% of total money you'd earn in open. If they can make missions worth little to nothing, do that… or just have them give absolutely nothing besides a select handful designed to train new players. And then guess what you Frontier… You add a damn system so communicate with other players WOAHHH… Allow veterans to easily link up and play with new players, similar to SC… Helpers could be rated and reviewed to weed out griefers but no matter what you're going to get them so deal with it. It's better than nothing … and omg look at that, u got a game where ppl authentically have to work for things… they can't just hide in a closed off circuit of the game, basically cheating … I mean, the only reason why no one gives fook is this has 0 economy to even care about or anything financial to even be proud to own. ED you guys got a community with 10x the idea's then lame excuses used.. but you will never do anything, it seems to make this game be revitalized..

    It's too far gone at this point.. no one cares that's quit already that you fixed an 8 yo error or bug from the official launch that's been reported daily for daily, likely… either I feel this game's going to just slowly fade away into the abyss or something big is going to have to happen… not only to bring new players but the ten's of thousands that quit after you basically scammed us with Odyssey.. you guys shouldn't even have a damn community with how you treat the player base.. I know for a damn fact, if handed over the game, the community would make the best version of this game to ever exist. It would be glorious. But we have to deal with a company that is unable to fix bugs that have existed for 8 years or more.. or introduce new content that actually is finished. Has there ever been a piece of content that hasn't had 90 % of the content missing it felt and never gets a look over…

    I don't get you guys at all… until we get some employees to talk super detailed day-to-day operations I don't know what the hell you guys do, it sure seems the only things you put effort into is banning players who disagree, and ship skins..

    07 frontier >_<

  2. Imagine boiling down the last four months of anger with Odyssey to "connectivity issues." Obviously truth in advertising doesn't extend to truth in financial disclosures.

  3. I left BF5 for good because of cheating, and I dont play some games because of cheating.
    botting on ED?BGS manipulation by bots? kick them out I say!
    About ED BGS:
    I have tried the "turning the wheel" for some time now
    helping the Dark Wheel to expand, I have done hundreds of missions for them
    but in the end it seems to me that nothing really matters in this game
    BSG is decided by someone at Fdev who don't really care about it
    and who has never done what other players do to push it one way or another…
    7 years on we still talking about Raxxla, what a joke.

  4. Frontier ain't banning the bots.. .without them, their true active players would show.. lol and it's probably 50% of what steam charts says… I imagine this is why you also don't get kicked from the game ever, or login screens.. ED ED ED….. shaking my head what o what have u become..
    Seems like they gave up on console as well, which I'm happy for.. they can't even make one version good, how they gonna do 5. At least it seems this way, they sure are being super quiet about it, I haven't seen one post or anything for anywhere lately. Wasn't it supposed to be out already?

  5. I'm more then happy to let the PC players Beta test Odyssey as long as they need to let them slog through all the janky broken shit and let the console players get the finished product

  6. Botting both helps and hurts elite dangerous helps when player's purchase multiple accounts hurts when those bots push single account players to feel that anything they do is worthless pointless as 💯 plus ships will show up and erase your weekly efforts all in one day dropping influence without a single shot fired . This is why most players want an open player only experience that own only one account. The galaxy is big enough that players will travel far to avoid crime infested areas.

  7. "Designed to look positive?" Those are objective lies. The alpha was not a success, and connectivity issues are not the customer reported reason for negative reception. As an investor thats direct misrepresentation or material self delusion at best. Wow, lieing about how your customers see your product to your boss. Can they sink any lower?

    EDIT: How could you even associate with an entity that does this.. makes that crap and goes around telling people that you loved it. The disrespect is pretty serious. It probably also explains the nature of the community management as well.. why the norms seem impossible. I feel sullied.

  8. botting would not be a thing if this game was not just pure grind.
    The game is engineered around cosmetic, and the ARX currency was created to make you believe you can get nice shit from the store only to entice you into spending money for those extra missing ARX.

    ED is dead, and the dev give zero fuck.

    i would have more fun if i could host my own server and edit the game to play my favorite star trek ships. instead of being a shity grinding fest with no real purpose

  9. I would advise this. Stick together ED community, like no other time before today. Look deeper at the financial report details because the echo chamber, that FDEV disconnect they denied having, is proving itself to you right there. Even after they denied you the facts (but took your money and rushed the broken game into your library), they were talking to shareholders from the other side of their cheeks. “Successful Alpha”. They ignored your data for alpha and put it out rushed. Remember, we all played another version of EDO while they were ignoring all of that alpha data you gave them.

  10. They are unwilling to do the same because they still don't care about players. By showing how much of an issue botting is, they risk their investors and stocks taking a hit again and again. If Odyssey's release showed anything. Is that by release it just before their end of year report they only care about money. Sure, they are a business and making money is what they are supposed to do. But when you spit on your customer while you make money you might as well shoot yourself in the foot. The only reason they are addressing the massive failure of a launch Odyssey was through bug and performance fixes is because their stocks too a heavy nose dive.

    I made that previous comment without knowing about the report coming up in the video. That report was also just more PR. We all know it was far more than just connectivity issues. Bugs and massive performance issues were rampant (and to some extent still are). Fuck Fdev. I'm editing my steam review to call this out as well.

  11. Does Frontier truly believe its community and investors are stupid enough to believe the crap they say? It sounds like they are in constant denial and afraid to take accountability for their mistakes.

    Literally all they have to do is be honest with the community and themselves, then just take action accordingly. It isn't rocket science…

    Frontier frustrates me so much with how they handle just about everything.

  12. They do not discuss how it is being used and why botting exists and why they allow it to exist is because generally speaking this game is not fun for a new player and the grind is absurd and has kept me from ever playing this game seriously. it has no interest in casual players and offers no unique experience for those casual players to ever bother. Also it likely generates much larger user numbers than they are willing to admit so would rather have those numbers and suffer the negative reports. Similar to airlines. It is better to randomly payout a law suit than replace all the planes.

  13. Now it looks they try lie own shareholders. Interesting. More and more interesting. This annual raport looks like a scam, hard to believe that it is official documentation not PR only usage. What next?

  14. There is only two reasons Frontier would not release numbers for bans.
    Both are bad.
    1. The number of bans are uncomfortably low either due to inability to track bots and hackings.
    2. The number of bans is uncomfortably high, due to an excessive amount of bot/hack use

  15. There is no way in the Milky Way they have 100,000 players. Peak concurrent players on steam barely reaches at or above 5k players nowadays. I know that's only a slice of player base but there is no way 95k players are active between epic and consoles.

  16. Considering how inept at optimization FDev is with Odyssey, my suggestion to console players is not to expect Odyssey release for old gen at all at this point.

  17. Star Citizen isn't even out of testing and Elite considers sunsetting. Wooo! My Grandsons will have one hell of a bedtime story saga while they play Star Citzen with the ships i bought for them during kickstarter and later the year..

  18. Connectivity issues….. hah! Bugs aside, Odyssey itself is sub par, the FPS gameplay is down right awful and not something I believe many Elite commanders were really looking for in the first place. Imagine a poll a year ago:

    Do you want
    a) Ship interiors, the ability to walk around space stations in a living breathing universe, on foot explorationof planetary surfaces
    b) Another endless gear grind and some Quake 3 Arena style rocket jumping shootouts, and man made objects littered all over the entire galaxy?

    Maybe I'm wrong but I really can't see how any of the on foot shooter gameplay matches up with Elites previous design philosophy (besides being an embarrassingly obvious copy of the ship combat mechanics).

  19. I think we all know where Elite's trajectory is going and nothing is going to change that anymore. Frontier had so many chances and used none. They are either unwilling or incapable, perhaps both.

  20. If my account gets deleted due to inacrtivity, that only gives me less insentive to play ED, as there is no way I'm going to start all over again. I think I'll keep putting my time into MSFS2020 and SC which is a much more rewarding experience anyway IMO.

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