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Every generation is a little different.

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47 thoughts on “Generationals [keyword”

  1. “A nation is born stoic, and dies epicurean.” Will Durant

    This video is funny, but it’s indicative of a very serious truth that of all times, now, is the most important to remember: Our nation was born through character refined by hardship, but it will die when we forget what we learned from the blood that was willingly given for our liberty. When we live for our comfort instead of our character, for our convenience instead of our convictions, there we will die, and I assure you, America already has one foot in the grave and is blind, deaf, and dumb, and falling as we speak, and if we don’t wake up before we hit the ground this time, we will bury the dreams of our founding fathers in the dirt along with the memory of their sacrifices…

  2. Well, this is kinda inaccurate at least in my hometown. The 1950s-1960s children had much less competition both at school and at work back then. Later generation children work much harder and harder than the previous generation here.

  3. Grow up and do what the rich do. To have freedom, balance and happiness, listen to T Harv Eker EVERYDAY until you're successful. School has taught you nothing about money, taxes and the reality of life. So learn from those who are wealthy!!

  4. My Uncle Spencer is legit, like 35 and still living in his parents' basement. He's a freaking doctor and yet he "doesn't have enough money to move out"

  5. While this is true in many respects, It is not taken to account the severe loss of purchasing power and wage strength and relation to the real inflation rate. The cost of living for later generations has absolutely exploded when it comes to rent and food and wages have not even remotely kept up. Thank the fed and thank the spending of previous generations.

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