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Klaxons; What makes them sound like that? [keyword

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ahOOOOOga! All aboard the HONK HONK express! We’re gonna learn a few things about horns and then probably there will be bloopers or something.

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Klaxons; What makes them sound like that?

Klaxons; What makes them sound like that?

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Klaxons; What makes them sound like that?
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32 thoughts on “Klaxons; What makes them sound like that? [keyword”

  1. "Captain, Why do we use the klaxon on a stealth mission? I mean, everybody knows we're diviing and it just makes noise for our enemies to hear-"
    "Shut up Fritz! You always take the fun out of everything."

  2. Now I'm wondering how many I can fit in the spacious engine compartment of my truck. It's designed to house everything from a 6 cylender to a big diesel engine thing had 6 different engine options so with my small block in there I got tons of room.

  3. The alternating two tone sound was How police cars sounded here in the UK in the 50s and 60s, but some made it to the 70s. you guys influenced us to use woowoo sirens as time went on.

  4. My grandparents got a new car a few days ago after owning their previous one since 2004, and they gave their old one to me. They're both Toyota Rav 4 models, and I wonder if I could stick a klaxon on the old 2004 Rav 4 they gave me. I'm sure that would make them really regret giving it to me, but it would be fun to have.

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